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Data is key to any business, and most dynamic websites interact with a database to deliver specific information to users, usually following a log-in procedure. A database driven website can be focused on visitors, or it can be used by your own staff to perform critical business functions online and away from the office.

Three such websites are shown above. They are similar in that they are data driven, but very different in terms of what users are able to do when visiting these sites.

The Kintbury Tennis Club site, is bespoke for that club. Members can log in to see pages on member only sections, but club officials have other log in options in order to update pages, add news and maintain contact with members.

The courtbooking website is used by many different clubs. Each club sees screens that are branded for their own club, but the same pages 'run underneath' these different banners. Club administrators log-in to create courts, maintain membership details, manage renewals, even take subscriptions online. Members can log in to book courts at their own clubs, enter club tournaments, and maintain their own records.

The NDLTA site interfaces with a separate league management site, that mimics the NDLTA site. An adminstrator for the NDLTA can log in to amend pages on the NDLTA site, and there are three levels of log in for the League site; for the league adminstrator, for the club administrator (for clubs in the league) and for captains (for teams in the league). Collectively, these three groups run their local league/teams, and general players also have access to data about fixtures/match results/league tables.

Other websites include, Jim Crockatt Organic Furniture and Sally Bettridge Ceramics.